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Complimentary 20-Minute Strategy Session

Tired of Inconsistent Results? 
Unlock the secrets to Steady, Predictable Growth. 

The right mentor can assist you in accomplishing your wildest professional goals while reclaiming time, space and freedom in your personal life. 

In this “test-drive” of my popular coaching program, you'll discover a game plan to overcome roadblocks and crush your goals. 

Availability is limited to ensure personalized attention, so if you're ready to elevate your firm, apply below. 

I know it can be excruciatingly frustrating...

You might enjoy a record month, yet have no idea where NEXT MONTH’s revenue will come from.

Or you spend weeks working on a search, and then WHAM--they fill the position on their own (and the “friendly” HR rep doesn’t even thank you for your hard work).

Yet despite the frustration, you and I both know this industry can be extremely financially rewarding. 

Luckily you don't have to figure this out on your own...

Unlock High Performance: Strategic Coaching for Ambitious Firm Owners

What you need is a dependable guide—someone who's navigated these waters successfully and can show you how to build a firm with consistent revenue and a reliable client base.

It all starts with a clear plan and your dedication to put in the hard work necessary to achieve your goals.

For nearly three decades, I've guided hundreds of firm owners towards consistency and high performance. 

I Assist Owners In:

  • Creating a predictable stream of clients, and cash flow.
  • Installing systems and staff that speed up the search process-  so you can focus on the most lucrative tasks and projects.
  • Becoming proactive rather than reactive.
  • Becoming more disciplined and motivated- not “scattered” and overwhelmed.

Can you really benefit from a coach? 

Every Olympic athlete has a coach. Most top CEO’s have coaches.

Why? Because they need pressure-tested advice, accountability and support to achieve peak performance.

And they need an outsider to challenge, advise and motivate them.

This 20-minute Strategy Session is your first step to creating a highly successful firm AND the lifestyle of you deserve. 

Apply for a Complimentary Strategy Session

Owners Who Qualify for this Complimentary Session Will Discover:

  • A series of concrete goals that you can expect to achieve in the next 12 months. (Hint: this may not be as easy as you think)
  • The exact obstacles preventing you from creating consistent, predictable revenue, more clients, and taking control of your business
  • Your definition of success in business (you may be surprised)
  • Understand and clarify the things that REALLY matter in your work and life

How can we accomplish this in 20 minutes?

Once you submit your info, you’ll receive an email containing 4 thought provoking, strategic questions about your business and goals that’ll form the framework for our call.

During the call, we'll discuss your answers, and I'll share “invisible” insights and clarity that only an outside expert can detect. 

At the end of the session, if it looks like we have a match and would both enjoy working together, I'll review coaching options and answer any questions you have.

You may be wondering: Gary, are you going to try to "close" me?

Not my style. I hate sales pressure and assume that you do too.

This strategy session involves digging into your most important goals to see if working with a coach can help you reach them faster.

I only work with a limited amount of clients each month. If I don’t feel like we're a match, I'll let you know.

At the end of the call, 1 of 2 things will happen:

If we both think it’s a good fit, we’ll get you enrolled, roll up our sleeves, and get to work.

Or either of us may decide it’s not a fit at the moment and agree to stay in touch.

Whether or not you sign up for a program, you’ll gain value from this call.

If you’re ready to commit to excellence, and boost your firm's performance- apply for this exclusive session.

Can Anyone Sign Up for the Session?

No. Due to time constraints, I’m not able to provide this session to everyone who’s curious about coaching.

There are 3 requirements for taking advantage of the strategy session:

  1. You currently own your own firm.
  2. I work with owners with revenues up to multiple 7 figures. To qualify, your business must currently generate a minimum of $200K+. 
  3. You’re considering hiring a coach at this time and would like to take a “test-drive” to learn more.

If you don't qualify for a strategy session at this time, the The Recruiters Roundtable program is an excellent option.

What Qualifies Me to Coach?

  • Over 27 years of experience as a top performing headhunter, manager, firm owner with staff, industry trainer and business strategist
  • Built and managed a high performing Retained Executive Search Firm specializing in leadership searches for national law firms.
  • Provided consulting services for 7 of the top 10 largest law firms in California.
  • Provided strategic business coaching for over 400 recruiting firms and trained thousands more via seminars and classes.
  • Publisher of “2-Minute Coaching” a bi-monthly newsletter with 25,000 subscribers.
  • Member of the National Honors Society in Psychology, Masters course work in Clinical Psychology, “Search Inside Yourself” Certified Instructor (Google’s Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Based Leadership Program), E-Myth Academy Training
  • Prior to entering the search industry: Worked for Consulting Psychologists Press, the main publisher of the MBTI & Strong Interest Inventory.

Happy Clients

As a result of Garys training, my revenue has improved by 57%, my business has expanded and Im growing my team to meet the demand. I cant imagine my recruiting business without Garys insights and training. I now clearly understand the strategies for producing great results year after year.
- Donna Fedor, Recruiting Firm Owner

"By working with Gary, Ive impacted all facets of my business. More importantly, is the financial and personal success.
Gary has been an instrumental part of helping me to form my client development plan, business vision and personal goals.
During this coaching process, the difference has truly been Gary the person. He has the ability to cut to the core of your business, coach with motivation and make you laugh. My heartfelt thanks to Gary!"
- Tricia Scalzo, Recruiting Firm Owner

"Your systems approach to doing the business is unique from everything I have seen. I found your coaching sessions on managing and compensating staff very helpful.
I also appreciated your approach to work/life balance and the fact that you don
t let money and success in the business 'own' you."
- Robert Ambs, Recruiting Firm Owner

"Gary's the real deal. He walks his talk. I've worked with him since 2002 and have greatly admired how he's been able to run a successful consulting business AND create the lifestyle of his dreams. You will learn a TON from him"!
- Eric Ryan, CEO, Mission Met

I’m looking forward to speaking with you.



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